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Commercial Lease

Our team works with business owners looking to lease units or renewing their existing leases. We review the spaces from a budget, marketing, location, municipal and building code perspective. Our team negotiates offer to lease and reviews the formal lease to ensure the lease terms are beneficial to your business. We negotiate terms that serve the long term success of your business. If required our team will perform a building audit to cross reference TMI's with actual building expenses. 

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Commercial Purchases 

Our team puts together a full profile of your purchasing needs. Our in-depth approach reviews your goals, budgets and property needs. Our extensive team can bring any consultants to the table to ensure you buy the property best suited to you. We can take you from finding a property right through to building permits. Our in-depth review provides you with an understanding of property issues before you buy. Review our development website here.


Commercial Selling

Our team starts with an analysis of the property. We review the listing from different perspectives, such as, a study of comparable properties, the income approach, highest and best use or replacement cost analysis. This will assist us in reaching the best possible price for your property. We then create a marketing plan that may include online websites, newsletters, paid advertising, printed media, signage and free building consultations for perspective buyers. Our advertising is updated regularly, keeping the listing competitive. We negotiate and manage the property through the listing and the conditional period to ensure your property is sold.  

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Marketing Packages

Our team provides marketing packages to lease or sell you building. This package highlights the building features, locations, financials, building statistics, and potential site or property use. Our teams also creates marketing packages to pre-lease units in both the commercial and residential sectors. Our development side provides concept site plans, 3D building/unit renderings and unit layouts to show the potential of your site.

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